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Stroll in the bamboo forest with serenity and history 


Adults:  ¥750   

Children (6-15yrs old):  ¥500

Children (3-5yrs old) :  ¥250

Children (2yrs and under):  Free

Bamboo Lights

Illumination Charge 

Adults: Admission charge + ¥750   

Children (6-15yrs old):  Admission charge + ¥500 

Children (3-5yrs old):  Admission charge + ¥250 

Children(2yrs old and under):  Free


Drink matcha tea with a bamboo cup

Admission + ¥750

Drink matcha tea with a bamboo cup and Japanese sweet at the tea house located in the middle of the bamboo forest.


*There is a discount when you purchase admission and tea together at the entrance.

*Bamboo tea cup can be reused so please take it home and enjoy in your own way!

*Tea house is open on weekends and holidays only.​


Admission + ¥500/hour

Hang a hammock between bamboo stalks at any location where you find most relaxing in our bamboo forest and sleep to the dappled sunlight with the bird song and wind! 


Bamboo Craft

Bamboo bow and allow: ¥500 

Bamboo water gun: ¥500


The bamboo used to be the best option for kids in the traditional Japanese culture for its versatility. Experience one of the most loved Japanese crafts. 

*Required time: 30 minutes

*No reservation is needed, however, in busy hours, you may have to wait until our staff will be available. 

*If you want to join with a group of children, please tell us children's age before your visit so that we can make an arranged plan for your children. ​​

Bamboo Shoots Harvesting (April-May)

Admission + ¥1,000/kg


Bamboo Shoots are so essential in Japanese cuisine that Japanese people eat it not only in the season but in New Year holidays and throughout the year. 

Harvest season is during April and May. 

*You can harvest bamboo shoots as much as you would like.

*There is a discount in less busy season. 

*Digging tools are included in the fee, and gloves are available at the entrance.

IMG_20190420_101659 (1).jpg

Blueberry Picking (July-August)

Admission + ¥500/200g

Our pesticides and fertilizer free blueberry has subtle but rich flavor of summer. To make this possible, we mix bamboo chips in the soil.


*You can eat blueberries while picking as tasting. 

Chestnuts Picking (September-October)

Admission + ¥1,500/kg

Our chestnuts are known for their circular agricultural method which was introduced by the founder of Wakayama Farm in the early 1900s. 

Enjoy the sweetness of nature. 

*Only 1kg (one box) can be purchased per person. 

*Due to the circular agricultural method, insects may occur in chestnuts

*Harvest season varies every year so please make a reservation before your visit. 


Photo Shoot in the bamboo forest

If you want to take wedding photos, cosplay phots, etc. in the bamboo forest, please feel free to contact us! 

You can also shoot movies. 

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