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Wakayama Farm's Products

You can buy our products at our online store. If you have any questions, please contact us! 


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List of Our Products

All of our products reflect our dedication to circular agriculture and the history of Wakayama Farm.



Bamboo Shoots                April-May

Blueberries                       July-August

Chestnuts                        September-October 

Our harvests are available at the shop. For further information and prices, please contact us.



Oh Kuri

One item                 ¥405
Four items               ¥1,620
Twelve items           ¥4,860

Freshly picked chestnuts from our farm are mashed and mixed with a little bit of sugar. Enjoy the genuine chestnuts flavor.



Binned Bamboo Shoots

Medium (300g)    ¥1,296
Large (500g)        ¥1,728

Bamboo shoots are the most delicious right after harvested. To keep this freshness, bamboo shoots are vacuum sealed in bins.

*Please note that in order to keep the freshness, bins are tightly sealed and this may cause difficulties when opening lids.



Bamboo Shoot Rice Mix

For 2 cups of rice (180g)    ¥648

Bamboo shoot rice, rice cooked with Bamboo shoot and dashi stock, is one of the popular cuisines in Japan. you can easily cook bamboo shoot rice with the mix: after washing rice, just put the mix in the rice cooker instead of water.



Seasoned Bamboo Shoots

120g   ¥972

Himekawa, the soft layer on the tip of the bamboo shoot, is seasoned with Japanese pepper to make Menma, an appetizer you can enjoy with your drinks or with rice. 



Bamboo Shoot Gift Set

Binned Bamboo Shoot(Medium) x2

Bamboo Shoot Rice Mix x1

Seasoned Bamboo Shoot x1


Box of bamboo shoots delicacies suited for gifts. 



Bamboo Shoot Rice Mix Gift Set

Binned Bamboo Shoots (Medium)   x1

Bamboo Shoot Rice Mix   x1

Bamboo Chip Method Rice   x1


Gift set of binned bamboo shoot, bamboo shoot rice mix, and bamboo chip method rice, rice grown in the paddy field mixed with bamboo chips. 

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